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Today, the automated monitoring of our health is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of every day health-conscious consumers. The technology is now available and being distributed at an amazing rate. The Smart Guard Business provided by FME Technology, Inc. goes beyond the simplicity of operation, almost seamlessly providing the highest sense of security for you in everyday life.

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the aim
of smart guard business

The Smart Guard Business is a 24-hour health monitoring and emergency notification service. It is a discrete and elegant way to take charge of your health care and continually monitor your vital signs. Simply wear a Smart Guard Business device and let the system do the rest. The device can automatically measure, analyze and alert, while the making the customer can feel completely at ease knowing his health care is being actively monitored. The Smart Guard Business device automatically monitors your life vital signs, and if necessary, will automatically contact the Smart Guard Business Health Service or by allowing the user to manually press a button.

the difference
of smart guard business

In today's stressful world, business people who are busy
and important people and do not have enough time for
their health, or tend to forget about it, can now take
advantage of the Smart Guard Business.
The Smart Guard Business is invisibly
taking care of their health.

What are the advantages of the Smart Guard Business?

  • It gives users a sense of security.
  • 24-hour constant supervision anywhere in the country.
  • The continuous patient monitoring focused on preventing the disease helps avoid emergencies.
  • Provides unnoticed constant medical supervision for the client.
  • Substantially reduces the costs of healthcare and insurance.
  • Emergency call automatically or by pressing a single button.
  • Alarm Device communicating with the 24-hour dispatcher center.
  • Two-way voice communication between mobile and fixed devices.
  • Immediate action in case of emergency.
  • Electronic records.
  • Continuous health monitoring and control system.
  • Distant data storage in the central system.
  • Authentic records.