The hex-e-pen combines the system technology of an electronic signature with the investigation of the biometric features of a traditional signature. It guarantees the authenticity of the signature by means of a series of data computed from the static and dynamic features of a traditional signature.

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FME Technology Inc. offers an intelligent writing tool called hex-e-pen used by individuals to produce electronic signatures. These signatures guarantee the authenticity of an individual and provide increased validation and safety for financial institutions and other companies requiring absolute individual identification. The tool can be used for remote banking, official correspondence, tax declarations, executing contracts between private individuals and other firms over the Internet. The company seeks a cooperation partner for manufacturing and commercializing this exciting technology.


The general use of this technology - especially with the use of the Internet - increases the importance of a procedure characterized by: authenticity, secrecy, integrity, and un-deniability, enabling a remote procedure. Such procedures are absolutely necessary in each case requiring a classified confidential relationship between partners sending as well as receiving a message, financial transaction, contract or document. The use of the public and secret code pairs of the technology and the according process of the electronic signature unambiguously guarantee without a meeting of the parties that the message has been signed by the person believed to be by the carrier of the message, that a third party cannot break up the message, that the message remains undamaged or its damage undetectable, and that the sender cannot deny the signature of the message.

The hex-e-pen combines the system technology of an electronic signature with the investigation of the biometric features of a traditional signature. It guarantees the authenticity of the signature by means of a series of data computed from the static and dynamic features of a traditional signature. It makes use of special cryptographic measures of an electronic signature. Using the biometric features the system allows an activation of the electronic signature. It applies a biometry-based ability that cannot be forgotten and is hard to imitate.

The product is an intelligent pen suitable for traditional writing, too. It is able to identify the biometric features of a traditional signature, and perform the procedures of an electronic signature.

The intelligent system located in the pen measures the tilting of the pen, as well as the position, acceleration and pressure of the pen point. It incorporates a miniature computer necessary for the procedure of the electronic signature, into a radio communication (Bluetooth) unit. This provides a data exchange maintained with personal computers, as well as a miniature operator’s surface. The system provides the experience of a traditional, paper-based signature being peremptory for centuries, because it is “compatible from above” with a classic signature. A combination of the system technology of an electronic signature with the biometric features based on a traditional signature is inevitable for a wide range of electronic signature applications.

Innovative aspects

The authenticity of electronic signatures cannot be actually provided in a satisfying manner. The secret code necessary for the signature is mainly saved to a computer or chip-card, as the secret code itself is a series of characters consisting of several hundred digits that cannot be kept in mind. At the beginning, unauthorized access to the code was prevented by means of a personal identification number (PIN). However, the PIN code can be easily acquired, similarly to the chip-card. This is the reason of the subsequent use of biometric methods. Nevertheless, the fingerprint scanner is not a solution, either, because criminals can press anybody’s fingers to the sheet, despite his or her will.

In case of this technology, the hex-e-pen stores the electronic samples of the signatures as a result of a tutorial procedure performed earlier. If the individual dynamic and static features are identical with the samples stored in the pen, the system allows the procedure of the standard electronic signature. However, it produces a simple, so-called “quiet” alert, if the signature were produced under duress.

To achieve this aim, only two signature types shall be taught: the “real” and the “extraordinary” ones, with the latter one to be written under duress, since the person applying force cannot know how the pen is held during making a normal signature, what is the acceleration or deceleration applied, and how strong the nib of the pen is pressed on the paper. Falsification of the signature is made practically impossible by the new procedure. Similar products manufactured by competitors only allow writing on a special paper or tablet. The offered product does not require any special paper, as it is able to function on any – not reflective – surface.

Main advantages

The operation only requires the intention and will of the owner. Falsification is impossible even in case of its loss, because the protection system of the tool is not based on the ownership. There is no PIN code to be forgotten or illegally obtained. An active and cooperative behavior of the owner is necessary. The above aspects are important on the one hand for the protection of the owner against falsification, and on the other hand for the protection of the bank against the owner, if he or she made an objection against the bank because of a bogus transfer. The offered technology contributes to an improvement of the legal security. It does not include any moving part and its use can also be taught by the left-handed.

Comments concerning market applications

Partners can be banks, financial institutes, tax authorities, national security organizations, large software development firms working for banks, as well as manufacturers of special ball-point pens equipped with inclination and/or pressure sensors.