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In the health5 app, individuals can easily search others with similar health problems anonymously sharing life experiences of common diseases. Sharing common information like daily routines, uncomfortableness, body responses, and mental feelings can make living with a disease much easier. Giving suggestions with ratings given by other users can provide comfort, knowledge, and improvement in an otherwise uncomfortable and lonely state of being.

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The top medical consultants can provide their best suggestions and help many followers by giving unique suggestions to their followers. The incidence of registered diseases can be shown on maps so epidemics can be easily identified and monitored. Users can follow others or obtain other followers. For better prevention of diseases, technology must be brought up to date! Using health5 app, members can share information, give feedback, and organize groups increasing communication and reducing stress and comforting people living with diseases.

who is health5 app for?

The most important thing during our lifetime is to keep healthy, recovery quickly from disease and maintain a positive attitude towards life. Recent studies have shown the healing power of people with diseases communicating frequently with others in similar situations. Often, even our doctors and medical care providers may not have enough information necessary to help someone afflicted with a devastating disease. Sharing information with others or informing people with a health5 app improves the lives of those afflicted with disease! If You have a kind of health issue which is not so publicly known, health5 app can help. It anonymously shares your experience of life with the disease or only shares your daily routines, making others’ lives easier to live. Any kind of health organizations can make groups for following client statuses (e.g.: doctor-patients). Health5 app can also be used for prevention by suggesting advice in connection with healthy nutrition, fitness or other potential areas of improvement.

what are the benefits?

When you are faced with a health problem, you often start to search the web trying to find information about the possible reasons for the health problem. Your doctor will eventually establish a diagnosis, but in some cases you may not be satisfied with it. Perhaps it is only a symptomatic treatment of a problem and not an understanding of the underlying cause. This often occurs when you have a recurring health issue. When this occurs, you can often find a forum. In the forum, you may find the most effective information from people suffering from the same disease. Advice, personal anecdotes, and information sharing help us all become more informed, knowledgeable, and sometimes help us recover more quickly. In health5 app people can more easily search for theses forums and find others with health problem like you. Using the search results, a user can even see the geographical distance where others with similar diseases live. You can check their health status or read their experiences of their everyday life or read their suggestions which could also help you with your recovery.

why use?

We can use the most useful elements of social networks in health5 app to provide information simpler and faster. We alloyed the benefits of blogging and forums on this interface. You can easily find the most appropriate information from the conversations by the rated suggestions. A simple headache can have many reasons. Tighten the topics or narrow the search words and you can find the most appropriate for you. Using it is still your decision.

When offering advice, you rate it between 1-5, where „1” is the most ineffective and „5” is the most effective rate from the values. You can also make your assessment later when you are more sure that the given advice is effective. You will receive emails about advice you leave later. Advice giving and assessments are highly important within the system, because it is the only way to decide whether advice given is effective. With health5 app, you can find fellow sufferers and also make acquaintances.