ecg patch

Our wearable ECG patch technology provides a remote solution to wearing an ecg monitor for an extended period of time without being in a hospital or clinic. With its built-in intelligence and 3 leads design, the ecg patch can give more accurate and more reliable results than a conventional ECG and automatically detect abnormalities with the patient resting comfortably at home. The adhesive skin patch records the ECG measurements for up to 5 days, enabling a longer and more accurate monitoring period for diagnosis.

one bipolar ECG Lead

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how it works

A doctor or medical professional will prescribe the ecg patch for a patient requiring an ecg for a longer period of time. The ecg patch is placed and affixed to the patient’s chest constantly sending signals to a mobile phone application. The mobile phone application processes the signals and sends them to the patient’s medical information system where the medical professional can view the details for the entire period of time. Upon conclusion of the monitoring, the patient removes the ecg patch and properly disposes of it.


  • Patients do not need to wait and schedule a time at a clinic, hospital or other facility to have their heart monitored
  • Patients can rest comfortably at home over a prolonged period of time while constantly recording an ecg
  • During hospitalization a patient using the ecg patch can have the entire hospital duration period monitored without the assistance of a medical professional
  • The measured signals are digitally stored and an intelligent algorithm can highlight the seemingly dangerous parameters for the doctor, reducing the potential for medical error

home monitoring

The 3-lead ECG patch can be used outside the hospital setting. A patient places a disposable waterproof patch on the chest to allow the patient to live and move normally in a usual every day setting. For up to two weeks, the ecg patch monitors the heart rate during real activities. During this period, all arrhythmias occurring will be recorded and delivered to medical professionals. Using this technology a cardiologist will evaluate the patient's condition and prescribe the optimum treatment based on much more accurate and complete data.

in hospitals

The hospital use of the ECG patch is an exceptional value proposition driving down the cost of health care while improving the quality of care. Conventional ECG equipment is expensive to acquire, difficult to maintain and cumbersome to the patient’s movements. Because patients are tethered to the conventional ecg machines and are required to “drag” the machine around with them everywhere they go, these machines tend to not get full usage.

Affixing an adhesive patch on the skin of a patient, the ecg patch provides freedom of movement, constant monitoring, and with as much data as a conventional 12-lead ECG. The ecg patch does not require medical attention. When placed, the device immediately begins the measurement and there is no need to adjust the frequency since it is done automatically. The device sends the filtered and digitized signals to the central system of the hospital where an algorithm performs real-time analysis.

Each electrode is connected as a separate unit to the central system via Bluetooth. The evaluation takes place for each lead and a summary of all the incoming results is prepared. The previously performed measurement results compared with other cardiac data create an individual's immediate evaluation using our proprietary algorithms, helping doctors make decisions and establish the correct diagnosis. The digital signals can be instantly stored, forwarded or printed.

Thus the solution can separately analyse the cardiologic results of all patients in an institution at the same time. In today’s hospitals it would mean as if every patient had a personal cardiologist and a 3-lead ECG device 24 hours a day.