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AuguR augmented reality application displays all the information needed on a mountain trip or during any other outdoor activity on the smart device’s screen. With the high precision orientation algorithm and detailed 3D offline maps, it completes the experience of a peak overlooking.

discover augur

what is augmented reality?

Displays all the information needed on a mountain trip or during any other outdoor activities on the smart device’s screen. Clickable symbols on the map offer further information about any objects, such as geographic points, trails and landmarks. Select layers to display different overlays with customizable transparency and visualize the most suitable content for your activity.

original image

processed image

3d model

GIS data

when is it useful?

Are You lost in the mountains? Can You read a hiking map? Can You orient a map?
Do You know the summits around You? Do You know how to get there?
Are You looking for the nearest spring?
And there is no internet connection...

3D map visalization

The engine of AuguR application is rendering 3D terrain model from different elevation data. The realistic view, created with the use of detailed elevation model and aerial images, easing orientation and help to plannig outdoor activities.

Additional Features

  • Smooth transition between AR and 3D map screen using sliding bar
  • Terrain data
    • Generate contour lines and hill shading
    • Display elevation profile for line objects
  • Highly detailed offline maps with cartography symbology
  • Regional modules (i.e)
  • Points and tracks management
    • Create and edit POIs and tracks
    • POI alert
    • Display priority, transparency
    • Measurement Tools
  • Supported files
    • Import and export GIS files: SHP, KML, GeoTiff,
    • WMS, TMS integration
    • 3D object support including textures
  • Navigation
    • GPS guidance
    • Compass
  • Activity recording
    • Track recording
    • Speed, distance and rate of ascent measuring
    • Field notes, „Lifelogging”
  • Search and filter
    • Search objects and coordinates
    • Simple query tools from attributes
  • Geocaching
  • SOS function: share position immediately in case of emergency

Development team behind the project

Ákos Nagy

Mobile software developer

M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economic). Currently, Ph.D. Student (Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economic) and Development Engineer (HEXIUM Technical Development Co., Ltd. and FME Technology Inc.). Participated in several Robotics Contest (e.q. Eurorobot) and in several embedded application product development (e.q. Industrial Thermal Camera). Professional areas of interest and publications include autonomous motion planning, multi-robot systems, image processing, thermal imaging and embedded software engineering.

Balázs Nagy

Computer vision expert

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics, Eötvös Loránd University), B.A. (Applied Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest). Currently, Ph.D. Student (Information and Communication Technologies, Corvinus University of Budapest) and Junior Researcher (MTA-BCE "Lendület" Strategic Interactions Research Group and FME Technology Inc.). Former Junior Researcher in the field of medical image processing (HEXIUM Technical Development Co., Ltd.). Professional areas of interest include computer vision, visual localization, image processing, thermal imaging, machine learning and artificial neural networks. Conference presentation on computer vision-based orientation in mountainous terrain.

Balázs Hayth

GIS and map specialist

Studied at Eötvös Loránd University and holds a Master’s Degree from Cartography and GIS. As a Geospatial Consultant, Balazs worked at a partner of Bentley Systems Inc., where performed GIS and CAD software trainings (Bentley Map, MicroStation) and provided 3rd level support mainly for utility clients. Currently working at FME Technology Inc. as a Contractor Engineer and MOL Group (oil and gas corporation headquartered in Budapest, Hungary) as an Asset Management Analyst, preparing reports and analysis, operating GIS based property management and CAFM systems, participation in SAP implementation. He is interested in innovative mapping technologies and data visualization.