what do we do?

FME Technology Inc. is a technology provider company specializing in real time Body Surface Mapping technology applications. Using biomedical sensors and our proprietary algorithms, we have built health care diagnostic and monitoring applications that improve the health care of people. Our core specialty area is cardiology disease detection (one of the leading risk of death factors in the world). In addition to cardiology, we have additional developments in other parts of medical field.

Vision of future medical market

Our vision of the future medical system is one where...

  • People don’t have to wait until they are physical ill before being diagnosed for a chronic medical condition.
  • A trip to the emergency room with extensive, costly medical tests needn’t be necessary for many with pre-existing conditions.
  • Patients take an active role in monitoring their vital signs, care, and treatment plan.
  • Health care professionals work remotely with patients collecting key vital signs and health indicators.
  • Together patients and health care professionals bring down the cost of health care delivery while bringing up wellness and quality of life.

Medical home monitoring systems with high quality health signals are increasingly being brought into the market. Coupled with existing communications infrastructure, this medical information is being collected and placed in real time patient medical information systems. Our technology and developments are speeding up this revolution. Soon, health care professionals will have a more complete and accurate understanding with wat is happening to a patient at home.

Our partnering strategy

Our core strength is to invent new commercial medical technologies that have yet been brought to market. We have a very strong and agile development team of hardware and software experts working in concert with university research organizations in health signal sensing. We not only invent and prove new technologies, but also develop and design prototype units that demonstrate, communicate, and evaluate the use of the technology in real life situations where you can touch and feel the advantage and use of it.

Once a proven use is made, we go beyond the prototype stage and we clinical validate our inventions with the medical regulatory authorities throughout the world with the help of a commercialization partner. We are capable of integrating our technology into existing or new product offerings. Together with our partner, we bring the inventions to market.

Background support

During the life cycle of our invention, we provide a continuous development environment for the product upgrading with improvements throughout its life. In addition, we provide comprehensive technical support for all our technologies on both the hardware and software components.